Milos Karadaglic cancels upcoming tour, including Bristol Date

Please see below an official statement from Miloš Karadaglic following his withdrawal from the upcoming tour with the English Chamber Orchestra Ensemble and the cancellation of our concert on the 3rd November.

Miloš is also recording a short personal video message, which will be ready for transmission early next week. This will be uploaded to the concert webpage once it has been received.

A message from Miloš:

Dear All,

It saddens me deeply to need to write these lines. Performing is all I live for. There is nothing I love more than being on stage and sharing the gift of music…

In two weeks’ time I was about to start the new season and embark on the most exciting tour of my career. I’ve spent all these months preparing for it, from every note in the music to every word in the programme- just giving it my absolute best. And yet, despite all that, no matter how hard I tried, the physical condition I was suffering from in 2015 has most unfortunately returned.

My doctors have been very clear with me now – this kind of movement disorder is complex and uncompromising and it cannot resolve itself within a few weeks or months, no matter how hard I may keep on trying… Hence, I’ve been unanimously advised to withdraw from all concert engagements for at least this whole season and break the vicious cycle I have found myself in. It is so incredibly hard for me to accept this, but sadly, I have no other choice but to comply…

I am just so very sorry that as a result of this I will leave so many presenters in flux and to disappoint all the wonderful people who had bought tickets to come and hear me play.  I would do anything to make the situation different.

Even though I am totally and utterly bereft by such news, I’m trying very hard to remain optimistic… Still, the last few months have truly felt as if my whole life has been turned upside down.

With undivided support from my friends and family, my incredible team and assurance from the doctors that all will be well in the end, I am planning to continue on my mission even more passionately than ever before.  In the next year, while firmly on the quest to fully recover and play again, I am planning to focus my energy on other things that truly matter to me.  I will continue to work with my chosen charities and education organisations. I will embrace the aspects of my career that I didn’t have the time for, particularly with regard to writing, radio and television. I will work with promising guitar students and guide them towards a fulfilling musical future.

I promise that via social media and other means I will keep you posted on my progress and everything I’m doing. Also, I am unbending and adamant in my promise that I WILL be back on a stage near you, sooner than you think,  stronger and better than ever before…. I live for this and I’m NOT giving up.

However, for now, I can only say, once again, how desperately sorry I am for the disappointment that this news will bring in amongst so many of you…


Customers are advised to return to their point of purchase for a refund. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause and wish Miloš a speedy recovery.