Bristol’s mayoral candidates visit Colston Hall to hear about the transformation campaign

Bristol’s mayoral candidates visited Colston Hall last week (Mon 16 November) to hear about our ambitious transformation plans.

Guided on a tour by General Manager Nick Craney candidates were taken into the byzantine cellars, which as part of the £45m redevelopment plans, will be redeveloped into educational workshop spaces and a third Hall.

Chief Executive of Bristol Music Trust Louise Mitchell also joined the tour to explain what a redeveloped Colston Hall would mean to Bristol and the wider region. The candidates were delighted to hear about how the new facilities would benefit young people of Bristol through the work of the city’s music education hub, Bristol Plays Music.

Have you joined the mayoral candidates and signed-up to the 45k for £45m campaign? We need 45,000 people to show support for the Hall’s transformation. Click here to show your support: